Tattoo Aftercare


Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran these same rules apply. Follow these simple instructions to ensure your tattoo heals properly.

Everyone heals at a different rate. You can expect you new tattoo to take approximately 2 weeks to heal on the surface, and up to two months to heal completely.


Remove the bandage in a clean familiar environment within 2-4 hrs Always start out by washing your hands with an antibacterial soap before touching the tattoo. Wash your tattoo with hot water (not scalding, shower hot will do), and a mild soap (i.e. dial, dove, ivory etc.) using only your hands. Then proceed to pat your tattoo dry with a clean disposable paper towel. After cleansing, apply a small amount of unscented white hand lotion (i.e. aveeno, curel, eucerin etc.) to the tattooed area. Apply lotion to the tattooed area every few hours, or as needed. If your tattoo feels tight or itchy that is a good indicator to apply lotion to the area.


DO NOT use any kind of ointments or petroleum based products!

DO NOT excessively wash your tattoo. One to two times a day is more than sufficient.

DO NOT pick or scratch at your tattoo. Doing so will only result in color lost and possible scarring.

DO NOT subject your tattoo to harsh chemicals or conditions such as but not limited to: chlorine pools, direct sunlight, tanning beds, etc.

The risk of infection is minimal if the aftercare is followed closely. We advise you to consult a physician or dentist as appropriate at the first sign of infection.

P.S. Your friend (i.e. your actual friend, web MD, google etc.) are not tattoo healing professionals! So please contact your artist immediately should you have any questions or concerns regarding the aftercare for your new tattoo.